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What is a Roof Soffit?

A roof soffit protects and seals the rafter feet by sitting between the outer margins of your roof and the neighbouring wall of your house. If your roof has a soffit (which not all do), you may see it by standing underneath the overhang and looking up.

Most modern soffits are composed of uPVC. Soffits and fascias made of UPVC are long-lasting and resistant to moisture. Wooden soffits are a popular rustic or historical feature, but they rot and deteriorate quickly, jeopardising the structural stability of the rest of the roof.

A roof soffit and fascias are necessary because they shield the bottoms of your roof rafters from the elements and wildlife, increasing their life and lowering maintenance and insurance costs.

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What is a Roof Soffit? Receive roof repair at ARK Roofing in Preston, Blackburn and Chorley.