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Wet Ridge vs Dry Ridge System

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Wet ridge systems have been around a very long time composed of mortar bedded ridges they are a cheaper option and quicker than installing a dry ridge system. However, they are not as effective neither do they have the lifespan of the dry ridge system. On a wet ridge system the mortar is exposed to the elements and can deteriorate over time which may mean that they need rebedding again in years to come.

A dry ridge system is highly effective and requires little to no maintenance. As a result, they are more expensive than the wet ridge system. but they are fitted mechanically meaning they don’t use any mortar and will often last as long as the roof itself.

They are available in a vast array of colours shapes and sizes to suit your needs giving a modern look it is a far superior product compared to the wet ridge system.

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Why is my Chimney Leaking?

Chimney Repairs

A leaking chimney is a common problem that homeowners come across especially in the winter months when there is abundant rain. Not  dealing with it in time can cause  a whole lot of problems inside your home Including damage to masonry damp problems and damaging the interior too all of which can prove costly.

Here are some of the reasons your chimney maybe leaking. Chimneys are one of the things that are always open to the elements wind rain snow.

The top of the chimney have caps on if these are incorrectly fitted or are of the wrong size then water can get through and make its way down into your home.

If your chimney is a 100 years old then there is good chance the bricks are eroded to some extent and may well be in need of a chimney rebuild.

Mortar can become crack and eroded and doesn’t serve the purpose anymore over time.

Lead flashings will erode over time and become damage they are a barrier to stop water coming down if they are not fit for purpose they may well need replacing.

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Why is Water Ponding on my Flat Roof?

Flat Roofing in Preston by ARK Roofing

Many homeowners come across problems with a flat roof when water starts ponding or gathering in one spot if it does not evaporate within 48 hours then it could well mean  you have a underlying issue that if not dealt with can start leaking into your home causing serious damage. Timbers may become rotten and the interior of your home could be damaged too.

There can be a few reasons why water is ponding or gathering in one place a incorrectly fitted roof maybe one reason all flat roofs should have a low slope the minimum required slope is 1/4:12 meaning that the roof will slope at a minimum 1/4 of a inch for every 12 inches of length a lot of The times when water gathers on one spot of the roof the reason is that there is not a low slope on the roof.

Ponding can also occur when a flat roof is walked on frequently and the insulation beneath becomes compacted.

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