The Benefits of a New Roof Installation

A new roof installation is one of the most significant investments a homeowner can make. While it may seem like a substantial expense, the benefits far outweigh the costs. In this article, we’ll explore why homeowners benefit from having a new roof installed, why a new roof might be a better option than repairs, and other essential information that underscores the importance of this home improvement project.

Why Homeowners Benefit from a New Roof Installation

Enhanced Curb Appeal

    One of the most immediate and visible benefits of a new roof is the boost in curb appeal. A new roof can dramatically change the look of your home, making it more attractive and increasing its market value. A new roof can significantly improve your home’s appearance, whether you intend to sell it or just want to live in a more pleasant space. 

    Improved Energy Efficiency

      Modern roofing materials are designed to be more energy-efficient than those used in the past. By installing a new roof, homeowners can take advantage of advancements in insulation and ventilation, which help regulate indoor temperatures. This can lead to lower energy bills as your heating and cooling systems won’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature.

      Increased Property Value

        A new roof is a major selling point for potential buyers. It indicates that the home has been well-maintained and reduces the likelihood of immediate repair costs for the new owner. According to various real estate studies, a new roof can provide a return on investment (ROI) of up to 70-80%, making it a smart financial decision.

        Enhanced Safety and Security

          An old, deteriorating roof can pose significant risks to the safety and security of your home. Leaks can lead to water damage, mould growth, and structural issues, which can be costly and dangerous. A new roof installation protects your home from these hazards, providing peace of mind for you and your family.

          Manufacturer’s Warranty

            Most new roofing installations come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers defects in the roofing materials. This warranty can provide homeowners with added protection and financial security, knowing that the manufacturer will address any issues arising from the materials.

            Why a New Roof Might Be a Better Option Than Repairs

            Cost-Effectiveness Over Time

              While repairing an existing roof might seem like a cheaper option, it can often be more costly in the long run. Continuous roof repairs can add up, and frequent patchwork may not address the underlying issues. A new roof installation eliminates the need for repeated repairs, providing a more cost-effective long-term solution.

              Comprehensive Solution

                Repairs can be temporary fixes and may only address some of the problems with an ageing roof. Issues like hidden leaks, rot, and structural damage might go unnoticed until they become severe. A new roof installation ensures that all potential problems are addressed comprehensively, offering a fresh start and a solid foundation.

                Modern Materials and Techniques

                  Roofing technology has advanced significantly over the years. By opting for a new roof, homeowners can benefit from modern materials and installation techniques that offer superior durability, energy efficiency, and weather resistance compared to older methods. This not only improves the lifespan of the roof but also enhances its performance.

                  Increased Resale Value

                    Installing a new roof can instantly increase the resale value of your property. When seeking to buy a new home, many potential buyers are concerned about the state of the roof and the costs of resolving any current issues, so a new roof installation removes these fears and can help you sell the property in a shorter time period.

                    Peace of Mind

                      Knowing that your roof is new and built to withstand the elements can provide significant peace of mind. Homeowners won’t have to worry about leaks, water damage, or other common roofing issues for many years, allowing them to focus on other aspects of home maintenance and improvement.

                      Other Essential Information

                      Choosing the Right Materials

                        When installing a new roof, it’s crucial to choose the right materials that suit your climate, aesthetic preferences, and budget. Options include asphalt shingles, metal roofing, slate, and tile, each offering unique benefits and considerations. Consulting with a professional roofing contractor can help you make an informed decision.

                        Professional Installation

                          A new roof installation is a complex project that requires professional expertise. Hiring a reputable roofing contractor ensures that the job is done correctly and safely. Look for contractors with good reviews, proper licensing, and insurance to guarantee high-quality work is carried out.

                          Timing the Installation

                            The timing of your roof installation can affect the overall cost and convenience. Spring and summer are the busiest times for roofing contractors, so scheduling your project during the off-season might lead to better pricing and availability. However, addressing urgent roofing issues promptly is important to avoid further damage.

                            Regular Maintenance

                              Even with a new roof, regular maintenance is essential to prolong its lifespan. This includes periodic inspections, cleaning gutters, and addressing minor issues before they become major problems. Proper maintenance can help you get the most out of your investment and ensure your roof remains in top condition for years to come.

                              In summary, installing a new roof has several advantages, ranging from improved safety and property value to higher curb appeal and energy efficiency. The long-term benefits outweigh the potential large upfront cost, making it a sensible option for any homeowner. You can take advantage of these advantages for many years to come, guaranteeing that your house is a safe and cosy place to live, by selecting the appropriate materials, working with a qualified contractor, and maintaining your new roof. 

                              The benefits of rubber roofing

                              Your home’s roof has a crucial role, and that’s to protect you as well as your loved ones from the elements. It will also protect your assets, while also offering a sense of safety. Which is why it’s a very good idea to invest in the best type of roof that you can. And while there are a variety of roofing solutions, more and more people choose to go with a rubber roof. Why is that and what kind of benefits can you get from using a rubber roof? Let’s find out!

                              The benefits of rubber roofing.

                              It has a long lifespan

                              What a lot of people don’t know about rubber roofing is the fact that it’s very durable. Yes, rubber roofs can last for up to 30, sometimes even 50 years. On top of that, you don’t have to worry about any maintenance tasks or anything similar. Instead, you need to have it installed properly, and there’s no need to worry about leaks or cracks. If you do end up with a leak or a crack, then you can fix it with a sealant. That makes repairing a rubber roof much simpler than expected, and the results as a whole will be very good.

                              You have multiple options to choose from

                              You’ll notice that there are different rubber roofing options to consider, each with its own pros and cons. EPDM rubber is the most common one especially if you have a flat roof. It’s affordable, but also has a long lifespan. You can also choose TPO rubber that’s a newer option, eco-friendly and hot air welded. That helps provide water resistance, along with increased durability.

                              Of course, you also have PVC based rubber roofing that has plasticizers and chlorine salts which help increase its flexibility. You have energy efficiency, but also durability as well. This is also the type of rubber roofing which doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

                              It’s easy to install

                              One of the problems that a lot of people have with popular roof types is they are quite hard to install. Thankfully that’s not the case when it comes to rubber roofing. In fact, this is as easy to install when compared to asphalt roofing. At first, roofers will add an ice shield and then they install the underlayment. The third step involves adding in the final tiles.

                              This particular process can take anywhere from half a day to a day to complete, which is way faster than many other roofing options. Even installation costs are lower, since natural slate installation is £13 or so per square foot when compared to £5-£10 for rubber roofing.


                              A rubber roof is eco-friendly, since most of these roofs are made using recycled materials. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly roofing solution, you will have to spend a lot of money most of the time. Rubber roofing comes as a simpler, more efficient and also planet-friendly option. It’s a great investment especially if you want to protect the environment. Which is why you may want to take this option into consideration, even if it might not be your first pick. At the end of the day, it’s an affordable roofing solution and the fact it’s also environmentally friendly is a major benefit.

                              Great insulation

                              There’s no denying that when you want to invest in a good roof, insulation is one of the major things you focus on. And it’s easy to see why, since bad insulation can bring in lots of unwanted and very expensive repairs. The advantage of rubber roofing is that it’s ideal even if you live in a region with a challenging, ever-changing climate. This is the type of roof that gives you longevity and an exceptional value. Which is why we think it’s a very good idea to choose rubber roofing, since it helps you avoid costly repairs, not to mention it will last for decades with minimal maintenance requirements.

                              Safety benefit

                              Another thing to consider when it comes to rubber roofing is certainly the overall safety you receive from it. Many roofing solutions don’t have fire-resistance, and that can be a problem. Rubber roofing on the other hand is flame retardant, which can be a great option especially if you live in an area prone to extremely high temperatures or fires. It also resists catching flames from nearby structures, so this is certainly a very good solution to take into consideration.

                              Lowering insurance costs

                              One of the rubber roofing benefits that few people talk about is the fact that this type of roof is great if you want to keep insurance costs low. Many insurance companies will lower their premium costs because they know this is a great roof type and it can protect your home against lightning, hail or impact damage. Of course, not every insurance company will do so, but most of them will lower prices and that’s certainly something you need to take into consideration.

                              Multiple thickness options

                              It’s also important to keep in mind that a rubber roof will vary in thickness. Normally the most common options include 45 mm, but it can go up to 90 mm. Things like your home’s location, roof pitch and other similar factors will steer you towards one of the two options. With that in mind, talking with a roofing expert will help narrow down the best roof thickness, although going for a thicker rubber roof never hurts. However, it’s situational depending on multiple factors, so you want an expert to check beforehand.


                              Investing in a rubber roof is a great idea if you want an eco-friendly, durable and easy to install roofing option. On top of that, the roof can even be recycled at the end of its life, which is hard to say about many other roofing materials. You also have other benefits like fire resistance, not to mention you can choose from multiple rubber roof types as well. As you can see, rubber roofing is an exceptional roofing option, and one that you should consider taking into account as much as possible!

                              ARK Roofing Preston

                              We are proud to be one of the leading roofers in Preston, Chorley, and Blackburn we offer an extensive range of roofing services whilst our experience and high quality workmanship will provide you with complete peace of mind and satisfaction.

                              We believe that good design and workmanship is the key to sorting out any problem. Our experienced team has over 30 years experience, ensuring that all roofing jobs are completed safely and to the highest standard.

                              When should you replace your roof? Signs to look out for!

                              Installing a durable, reliable roof is very important since you want to protect your family and all the assets within your home. The only challenge here is that as time goes by, even the best roofs need to be replaced. Which brings the question, when do you know it’s time to replace your current roof with a newer, better one? Here are some of the main signs you should be looking for.

                              When should you replace your roof Signs to look out for!

                              What’s the average lifespan of your roof type?

                              Every roof type has an average lifespan, for example slate can last anywhere from 100 to 150 years depending on where you live. Tile roofs can last 20-30 years on average, whereas metal roofs can last up to 50 years.

                              Once you know the roof type you have, it becomes easier to figure out an approximate date for changing your roof. If the roof has already outlived its lifespan, then it’s most likely time to change it with something better.

                              Your roof is sagging

                              What that shows is that you have moisture under your roof. This is just the first sign, things will get much worse if you won’t replace the roof sooner rather than later. That’s especially true if you see any sagging spots at the lower points of your roof. You can check the roof from afar and if you see any signs of sagging, then it’s clear you need to replace it sooner rather than later.

                              You see any signs of fungi, mold or moss

                              Checking your roof’s state from time to time is very important, since you can narrow down if there are any issues with it or not. Things like fungi, mold or moss are a clear sign that your roof is damaged and water is already leaking in. It’s a very good idea to check your attic for any water damage or fungi/mold as often as you can, since you’ll find it easier to prevent costly repairs that might cost a whole lot more than a new roof.

                              Missing parts

                              If you have missing tiles, fascia or gutter guards, then this is a huge red flag. It shows that your roof is in a very bad state, and you need to address the problem as fast as possible. We always recommend assessing the state of your roof, since it’s easy to identify whether there are missing or significantly damaged roof parts. At that point, opting for a roof replacement is ideal and it will certainly eliminate a lot of the problems that might arise.

                              The roof inspector points significant problems

                              It’s a good idea to have a roof inspector check your roof at least once a year, just to ensure everything is ok. If the roof inspector says that your roof has significant damage throughout, then it makes a lot of sense to go with a replacement instead of repairs in a few places here and there. An inadequate repair can end up leading to more damage in the future, and that might increase the overall repair costs too.

                              You see light coming through the roof

                              When you’re in the attic and you see light coming from the roof, then that’s a very bad sign. It’s a great idea to check for these issues during the sunset, since it’s dark enough for you to see the light coming in. Some of these problems might be easy to repair, but if you have a lot of holes in the roof, then a complete replacement is a much better idea to take into consideration.

                              Dark streaks

                              What’s important to note is the fact that sometimes you will have dark streaks on your roof. Airborne algae can accumulate and eventually it will damage your roof. As time goes by, the roof quality will hinder and you will have to replace your roof. So if you see dark streaks and also any signs of sagging too, it’s a very good idea to tackle that problem as fast as possible.

                              Some roofing material is in the gutters

                              Depending on the roof type, it can be possible to find granular material either in the gutters or on the floor. Addressing that properly is extremely important, since any sign of roof damage should be taken seriously. It’s very important to check the gutters from time to time and remove any leaves or debris. However, if you see roofing materials accumulated in the gutters, that’s not ok and you may want to hire an expert.

                              The same thing can be said when it comes to falling mortar. Mortar is used for ridges as well as verges. It’s very important to check the mortars often, since it’s the type of material that comes with a rather short lifespan. Both verges and ridges tend to be very susceptive to cracking, so you will see them fall off eventually. Replacing the roof is a much better idea instead of just repairing it, since repairs will have a shorter lifespan and you’ll face the same issue again very soon.

                              Are the roof tiles loose?

                              Another important sign to focus on is whenever you see loose roof tiles. More often than not, seeing loose roof tiles means that there are some issues that need to be fixed. If the tiles are very loose and you also have missing tiles here and there, then the issue is more complex and you need to go for a complete roof replacement. It’s a good idea to contact a team of roofers, as they will be able to assess any issues and narrow down what causes the problem. Then it will be much easier to find a solution.


                              It’s very important to assess your roof and perform maintenance tasks at least once or twice a year. As you do that, it becomes easier to identify any signs of roof damage and you’ll know whether you need to repair or completely replace your roof. You should also check the gutters, see if the roof is sagging and check other similar factors.

                              Of course, your roof’s age will also dictate whether it’s time to replace your roof with a new one as well.

                              We highly recommend taking all these steps listed above, as it will be much easier to identify when and if your roof needs any replacement!

                              ARK Roofing Preston

                              We are proud to be one of the leading roofers in Preston, Chorley, and Blackburn we offer an extensive range of roofing services whilst our experience and high quality workmanship will provide you with complete peace of mind and satisfaction.We believe that good design and workmanship is the key to sorting out any problem. Our experienced team has over 30 years experience, ensuring that all roofing jobs are completed safely and to the highest standard.